Top trending ideas of 2023 to buy unique wedding gifts

Top trending ideas of 2023 to buy unique wedding gifts

H2: Why home decor items make for the best wedding gifts
Imagine your friend has decided to marry the love of his/her life and now you feel immense
pressure to buy a gift that reflects your deep friendship. Once you know the official date, it's your
moral responsibility to start with the best wedding gift hunt. We believe, as a general rule of
thumb, that the gift you buy must match the love, affection, and respect you have for the soon-to-
be-married couple.
People usually confuse a good gift with an expensive gift. Well, that is not the case. Any gift that
is thoughtful and can help the couple in any way can be considered a good wedding gift. In this
blog, we will guide you in your journey to buy trendy and thoughtful gifts for the wedding of your
friend or relative in 2023.
Table of content
1. The evolution of wedding gifts: from traditional to modern
2. Unique and trending wedding gift ideas to buy from Satguru’s
2.1 Ganesha idol
2.1.1 Traditional Ganesha idol
2.1.2 Contemporary Ganesha idol
2.2 Paintings
2.2.1 Indian paintings

2.2.2 Modern art paintings
2.2.3 Spiritual paintings
2.3 Home decor
2.3.1 Vases
2.3.2 Clocks
2.3.3 Art statues
3 Conclusion
H2 The evolution of wedding gifts: From traditional to modern
Presenting a couple with a gift is a tradition that has been going on for many centuries. In many
ancient civilizations, giving gifts was a way to bless newlywed couples with good luck, prosperity,
and fertility. Animals, tools, or a piece of land were some of the common gifts the couple would
receive, mostly from family and relatives.
As society progressed, so did the symbolism behind the word wedding. Now, wedding gifts are
given that have symbolic or sentimental significance. Jewellery, heirlooms, and precious metals
became common gifts to show the love and care the gift giver had for them.
Today, the gifts are given based on the couple's interests and personalities. The gift options in
the 21st century are endless. From electronics to jewellery, from home decor to personalised
You can read “The history behind wedding gifts” to learn more about the history and symbolism
behind wedding gifts.
H2 Unique and trending wedding gift ideas to buy from
With too many options comes confusion. Satguru’s is considered one of the best decor shops in
India and was also featured in the New York Times as one of the five places to shop in Mumbai.
We sell a huge variety of products that can easily make you the best gift-giver at every wedding
you attend. Here are a few options for wedding gifts for the couple:

H3 Ganesha idol

A Ganesha idol is one of the best wedding gifts you can give to a newlywed couple. The gift is
simple, thoughtful, and holds a deep symbolic meaning as a wedding gift. The wedding
ceremony is the starting point of the couple’s new and loving journey. Lord Ganesha is widely
considered a spiritual symbol of new beginnings, making a Ganesha idol a perfect gift.
The Elephant God is also known as the Eliminator of Obstacles, meaning that the gift will help the
couple overcome any obstacles that come their way, ensuring they have a prosperous married
life ahead.
We at Satguru’s have an amazing collection of Ganesha idols that you can select as a gift. We
have a diverse collection of idols, from traditional to contemporary.
Traditional Ganesha idols: The traditional design consists of a sitting Ganesha with four arms.
One of his hands holds a modak, and there is mushak ji near his feet. "Brass crown Ganesh" and
"semi-precious Rose Quartz Ganesha" are perfect examples of traditional Ganesha idols that you
must consider buying as a wedding gift.

(Alt tag: Brass Crown Ganesh: Beautiful brass Ganesha idol for house to bring joy and
Semi-precious green jade Ganesha: Sitting pose Ganesha made from semi-precious green jade.)
Rose Quartz, an ancient semi-precious stone, emits positive energies and offers various benefits:

● Improves relationships in business and personal life.
● Brings luck to marriages.
● Opens the heart chakra.
● Resolves emotional issues.
● Encourages self-love and love for others.
As a result, a Ganesha idol carved from rose quartz stone is an ideal gift for weddings or
anniversaries, symbolizing enhanced relationships, love, and harmony.
Contemporary Ganesha idols: Modern or contemporary Ganesha designs are something that
can quickly grab your attention. It is suitable for both home mandirs and as decor in the living
room. Abstract laddu Ganesha and Sitar modern Ganesha from our collection make good gift

(Alt tag: Abstract ganesha laddu: Contemporary Ganesha idol made infused with the curvy
shape of laddu.
Sitar Modern Ganesha: Design of Lord Ganesha playing a sitar with a dash of modern art)
You can also buy idols made from brass, stone, marble, and even semi-precious green jade.
Aside from Ganesha idols, we also have a beautiful collection of Ganesha paintings and wall art.
You can also buy idols made from brass, stone, marble, and even semi-precious green jade.
Aside from Ganesha idols, we also have a beautiful collection of Ganesha paintings and wall art.


Paintings are something that not many people think to give during a wedding, making them one
of the most unique wedding gifts. Paintings have an almost magical ability to connect with a
person’s emotions, and the same painting can evoke different emotions in different individuals.
A painting, unlike other gifts, can easily stand the test of time, helping to elevate and maintain the
aesthetic appeal of the room for decades to come. In some cases, it can also be passed down
through generations.
Our online store has one of the best collections of paintings in India. Here are the different
categories of paintings you can buy from us:
Indian paintings: Our collection of Indian paintings consists of paintings inspired by various
cultures and made using different painting styles, like Madhubani. We believe " Madhubani
painting by Ranjit Jha " and "Mumbai after rain" would make for a great wedding gift.

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