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A Ganesha idol for home or office can be a presence of something greater than life itself, something divine. It can be someone to look up to before you start your day, as he is Sukh Karta and Dukh Harta (the bringer of happiness and the destroyer of sadness and suffering). We at Satguru’s believe that Ganesha idols are not limited just to Ganesh Chaturthi but can be kept in your prayer room, your office, or fixed on your car dashboard. You can keep it at the entrance of your house and they can also look beautifully effective as home decor in your living room.

Our brilliant craftsmen outdo themselves each time when creating these pristine works of art. May it be a marble Ganesh murti, a classic Ganesha pose, or more of a contemporary design, each one is beautiful in its own way.

Discover the most unique collection of the Ganesha idol

ndia is a land where millions of gods are worshiped, yet the first prayer is ALWAYS for the supreme deity, Lord Ganesha. Welcome to Satguru’s, where we take great pride in our Ganesha idol collection. The Ganesha idol we design for you is made using high-quality material and is affordable for common folks. 

Our skilled artists have made sure that there is something for every buyer. If you are an old-school person, we have a range of classic Ganesha idols, like marble Ganesh murtis or classic Ganesha poses with four hands. If you are more into modern designs, we also have a wide range of contemporary designs that can add an aesthetic feel to your space. A small Ganesha idol can be used as a gift for kids appearing for important exams, or it can be fixed on your car dashboard, while a larger Ganesha idol can be placed in your home mandir or at the entrance of your house.

At Satguru's, you can buy Ganesha idols for home, Ganesh Ji paintings, and brass god idols online or from their physical store.

Here are some top-selling Ganesha idols that you can buy from our store

Red Jesper Stone Ganesh
INR 18,990

Why you must buy Ganesha idol from Satguru’s

Here at Satguru's, we think the divine may be harnessed through meaningful idols. Beautiful god idols for home mandir are only one example of how we strive to help our customers strengthen their spiritual lives. Our sacred statues are not only works of art, but they also have profound spiritual meaning. Each idol is handpicked and blessed before going on sale because we want to provide our customers the most reverent and spiritually enriching experience possible. Buying a Ganesha idol from Satguru's is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in your spiritual growth because of our dedication to quality, authenticity, and customer happiness. So if you're seeking for a Ganesha statue to bring calm, wealth, and good fortune into your life, go no further than Satguru's.