Delve into the captivating and passionate world of modern art painting

The introduction of modern art painting was no less than a revolution. Artists challenged all the rules imposed by traditional paintings. The more traditional paintings that usually depicted nature, gods, and landscapes were replaced with art showing social commentary, political issues, and the painter's deep emotions and ideas.

At Satguru’s, you can find beautiful modern paintings that are made by some of the most creative painters in India. Our paintings are eye-catching and can be a great focal point in your living room or bedroom. They demand people’s attention. Modern art paintings are usually personal and expressive, so the painting that resonates with you says a lot about your personality. Here are some of our top-selling paintings that you can buy for yourself or as a gift:

Abstract Sephia Tone
Men in Line
INR 12,500
INR 99,000

These are just a few of the many masterpieces that you can find in our shop or online store. We also have some of the best house paintings that symbolise power, strength, and freedom.

We take great pride in our modern art collection, and we believe we have something for every art enthusiast. We offer a variety of paintings that cannot be found anywhere else. The artists we work with are some of the most creative humans we know and know exactly how to provoke emotions using colours. The paintings we seek are made using the finest materials so that they

can remain bright and new for many years to come. You can buy modern paintings online using our online store. Aside from modern paintings, you can also find Indian art paintings if your space is more Indian themed.

Given the potential size of the expenditure required to acquire a work of art, we do our best to keep the costs of our modern art paintings as low as possible. We think that everyone should have access to high-quality artwork regardless of their financial situation. We also value excellent service to our customers as highly as the artwork itself. Because of this, we always go the extra mile to make our clients feel special. If you have any queries or need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.