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Art has been an integral part of Indian culture, and it's quite evident in our ancient idols, sculptures, and Indian traditional paintings. India is the land of some of the best painting styles that are popular throughout the world. It started many centuries ago on a wall inside a cave, which later shifted to leaves, cloth, and finally canvas. 

Whether you like Madhubani, Warli, or Gond art painting, we at Satguru’s have you covered. We have over 50 unique Indian paintings that we strongly believe will add beauty and luxury to your space. These Indian paintings will help you connect with our soil and traditions. Our collection of Indian art paintings depicts paintings of gods, nature, landscapes, and beautiful women and men.

Get Immersed In The Diverse World Of Indian Paintings

In the fast world of digital art and AI art,
Indian paintings and artists are a dwindling breed. We art Satguru’s have taken
it upon us to promote Indian paintings and art by working with artists across
India and providing them a platform to showcase their work to the world. Indian
art has a rich heritage and is deeply rooted in our history and the influence
of the various eras and cultures that have dawned in India over centuries.

Traditional Indian paintings, based on the sheer
amount of skill required, can be displayed in every single art museum. They are
like these little jewels of our culture and tradition. From rich Mugal
paintings to extremely detailed Rajasthani paintings, from the simplicity of
Warli paintings to the intricacy of Gond paintings, each painting has a story
to tell. It depicts scenes of love, war, history, devotion, and tragedy. Each
colour is used in a way that provokes different emotions.

We welcome you at Satguru's, where we are proud
that we can bring these stories and emotions in front of you guys. We have a
wide variety of Indian traditional paintings that celebrate our rich and
creative culture.

Here are a few top-selling Indian art paintings that we insist you check out:

Best selling Indian Paintings
Buddha Blessing Hand
Mumbai City #2
Blue Ghat Panel
City Scape #2
Elephant Sawari
INR 22,500
INR 59,990
INR 39,990
INR 25,000
INR 65,000

There are many other options that you can browse
through. You never know what may catch your eye. Our selection of Indian
paintings represents the very finest of both classical and modern styles. We
have something for every art enthusiast, from the vivid Gond paintings of
Madhya Pradesh to the exquisite miniature paintings of Rajasthan.

The painters in our family have perfected their
technique over many generations, and each picture in our collection is a work
of art in its own right. Our paintings will wow you with their vivid hues, detailed patterns, and
attention to minute aesthetic details. Satguru's Indian art collection is a
great way to bring some authentic Indian style into your home. There is a wide
range of styles, colours, and sizes to choose from when perusing this
collection of Indian art paintings that celebrate India's illustrious past.

Aside from Indian paintings, you can also find
landscape oil paintings and modern art paintings to buy online on their online store. We are sure that you will
definitely find something that connects with you and will be a great member of
your living room or office cabin.