Find Inner Peace and Serenity with Exquisite Buddha Statues

Buddha statues are not just decorative objects; they also hold spiritual significance for many individuals who follow Buddhism or are drawn to its teachings. At Satguru's, you can explore a wide variety of intricately designed and crafted Buddha statues. These statues are the perfect embodiment of the peace, serenity, and tranquility that Buddha represents.

Our collection includes a range of Buddha statues, including the popular Dhyana Buddha statue, which depicts Buddha in a meditative state. This particular statue is perfect for those who wish to create a peaceful environment in their home or office. We also have a selection of Indian art statues that are beautifully crafted and capture the essence of Indian art.

At our online store, you can buy Gautam Buddha statues with ease and convenience, as we offer a seamless shopping experience. Our website is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of our collection of Buddha idols, including detailed images and product descriptions. Whether you are looking for a small, intricate statue or a larger, more prominent one, we have a range of sizes to choose from.

Our Buddha statues are made from high-quality materials, such as brass, bronze, and resin, ensuring their durability and longevity. Each statue is handcrafted by skilled artisans who have years of experience creating intricate and stunning sculptures.

Apart from their aesthetic value, our Buddha statues are also believed to possess spiritual significance. Many people believe that having a Buddha statue in their home or office can bring good luck, fortune, and positive energy.

We take pride in providing our customers with a wide selection of Buddha statues online and excellent customer service. If you have any queries or need assistance in selecting the perfect Buddha statue, our team of experts is always ready to assist you.

Top Selling Products and Brands in the Category

Satguru's is a popular retailer that offers a wide range of Buddha statues. Among their top-selling products in the Buddha statue category are the Mudra Buddha statues, which come in various hand gestures and are believed to represent different teachings. The brass Buddha statue is another popular option at Satguru's, as it features intricate designs and detailing that are sure to impress. 

The Meditation Buddha statue, which is often depicted in a seated position with eyes closed, is also a top-selling product, as it is associated with inner peace and tranquility. Finally, the Buddha in gold statue is another top-selling option at Satguru's, as it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the owner. These top-selling products at Satguru's are perfect for those who are looking for spiritual and meaningful decor to add to their home or office space.

Below is a table listing our top-selling Buddha statues with their respective prices in India.

Our Products Prices
Ganesha Blessing INR 2,990- INR 36,000
Brass Buddha statues INR 6,990- INR 1,11,000
Meditation Buddha statues INR 4,500- INR 1,11,000
Buddha gold statues INR 3,990- INR 1,49,990

Why should you buy Buddha statues online at Satguru's store?

If you are looking to buy a Buddha statue online, Satguru's store is an excellent option to consider. Not only does Satguru's store offer a wide range of high-quality Buddha statues, but they also provide a secure and easy online shopping experience. Satguru's store is committed to providing their customers with authentic and ethically sourced products, ensuring that your purchase is not only beautiful but also meaningful. Furthermore, their knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you with any queries you may have. By choosing to buy Buddha statues online at Satguru's store, you can be confident that you are getting a great product and supporting a reputable and trustworthy business.