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Niches, consoles, center / coffee tables & entertainment areas require décor pieces to spruce up the space and add a bit of character to them. We provide a wide range of décor pieces from ethnic, quirky Indian to modern luxe themes to cater to your décor needs. Candle stands, trays, vases, clocks and many types of table decor are available for your customers to choose from.

Elevate Your Home Aesthetics With Unique And Attractive Home Decor

Building a home is a challenging task. But completing the interiors with style might not be enough. One must make their interiors lively, beautiful, and pleasing to the senses. The easiest and the best way to enhance and elevate your indoors to that of an aesthetically appealing and eye-pleasing space is by adorning it with decorative home decor.

Satguru’s is your one spot for transforming your home into a magical land with art and home decor that emulate spiritual and joyful emotions. Explore and browse a collection of decorative objects for the home that will make anyone feel immersed and enthralling. We offer vases & planterscandle stands & diyasdecorative objects, and clocks under the home decor collection. 

Buy home decor online today from Satguru’s for creating beautiful and transfixing indoors for your favorite place!

Top Selling Products Under The Collection Of Home Decor:

Decorative Objects: Our modern and quirky home decor collection includes many rare and unique products that tempt customers to buy them immediately. From Madhubani art to precious stones and gems, the products are a marvel to look at and admire.  

Clocks: Clocks are essential and can be highlighted as a centerpiece in the living room or any other space for decoration. Buy clocks online at Satguru’s and get the designs and styles you have never encountered. 

Vases & Planters: Buy gorgeous vases & planters from us - the best way to add a little extra dramatic effect to any space in your home. Our vases are available in sets of two and are a special item among others. 

Candle Stands & Diyas: This collection is filled with both traditional and modern home decor items that are creative and a catch to keep at home. The Hurricane glass candle holder is the top-selling product. Shop for candle stands and diyas online at Satguru’s.

The following table includes our top best-selling products under the ‘Home Decor’ category with their respective prices in India.

Our Products
Decorative Objects
Vases & Planters
Candle Stands & Diyas
INR 350 to INR 99,000
INR 1,350 to INR 23,500
INR 630 to INR 108,000
INR 500 to INR 23,500


1. Where can I buy vases online?

Browse a selective and exclusive collection of handpicked home decor items at Satguru’s. Find the exceptional pieces today, and don’t miss the fun of adding exquisite pieces of handcrafted home decor to the interior space of your home. 

2. What can I use as a vase at home?

Vases are usually used at home as decorative items and to keep flowers for keeping it fresh and alive. Make home decor online shopping convenient and easy with Satguru’s. 

3. What are the famous things to buy in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a city bustling with attractive decor items and art pieces, including jewelry and spices. Satguru’s is your ultimate solution if you are hunting for home decor shops in Mumbai. 

4. What are the best home décor accessories?

Home decor items include a wide range of collections perfect for changing your home to a splendid one. From brass hanging diyas to hand-painted earthen vases, the options are endless. 

5. Where do locals shop in Mumbai?

Mumbai is well known for its street markets and many shops in and around the city. However, if you require some fine quality and unique decor items, visit Satguru’s, and you will never regret the decision. 

6. Which type of diya is good for home?

Satguru’s has a versatile collection of diyas, and you can select the one that aligns with your taste. However, our best-selling collection includes brass hanging diyas as the most recommended and the best choice for your home. 

7. What's the range of wall clocks available on your website?

Clocks are prominent in everyday routines. At Satguru’s, you can get over 60 varieties of different styles and designs under the clocks collection. From table clocks to hanging clocks, there is something for everyone. 

8. Which type of wall clock is good for your home?

Wall or hanging clocks are commonly used in homes; however, even table clocks add their value of being beneficial and act as a decorative item to make the room beautiful. 

9. Which wall clock is best for the bedroom?

Circular wall clocks are the best for bedrooms as they have a simple geometric shape and positively impact the residents. Avail of circular wall clocks from our website that will uplift the aesthetic of your bedroom.