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Statues and sculptures always have a story to tell. Every single statue in your home is a conversation starter and we can help you find the right one.

Satguru’s has a vast collection for ...

Statues and sculptures always have a story to tell. Every single statue in your home is a conversation starter and we can help you find the right one.

Satguru’s has a vast collection for all kinds of home décor spaces, if you are a fan of modern, minimalistic, Nordic or Japandi décor, we have art statues for all these themes, one visit to our store and we are certain you will find something that appeals to your tastes. It has been our constant endeavour to promote Indian handicraft statues from all across India, for this reason, we have traditional brass statues, ethnic tribal art bastar statues, Rajasthani marble and wood statues and many more.

We also have the biggest collections of spiritual and God Idols in Mumbai and possibly India with idols of dieties like Shiva, Hanuman, Laxmi, Saraswati, Radha Krishna, Balaji, Shreenathji, Sai Baba, Guru Nanak Devji, Jhulelal, Swami Samarth, Mahavir Swami, Lord Jesus, Zoroaster (Zartos) and many more.

Explore A Wide Range Of Versatile Collection Of Art Statues

Top Selling Products Under The Collection Of Art Statues:

Buddha Statues: Buddha statues from Satguru's, made with materials like resin, are light in weight and long-lasting with detailed work. They bring peace and calm to your house.   

God Idols: Our collection of God idols for a spiritual and divine vibe includes a variety of Gods, from Shiva to Guru Nanak Devji and Lord Jesus. Shop for your preferred God idol, available in various sizes and styles. 

Modern Sculptures: Everyone can not be an art enthusiast, but you fulfill your artistic side by buying eccentric, modern, and contemporary art pieces to decorate indoors. Browse an eye-catchy collection of modern sculptures from Satguru's for beautiful interiors. 

Indian Art Statues: Our collection of Indian art statues is mesmerizing and includes a variety of statues of monks to ones representing Indian culture and political backgrounds.

Elephants & Horses: Elephants symbolize positive luck, and horses represent perseverance. Our collection of well-crafted and breathtaking statues of elephants and horses in marble are products to not miss out on.

The following table includes our top best-selling products under the ‘Art Statue’ category with their respective prices in India.

Our Products
Buddha Statues
God Idol
Modern Sculptures
Indian Art Statues
Elephants & Horses Statues
INR 2,250 to INR 149,990
INR 630 to INR 245,000
INR 990 to INR 81,000
INR 500 to INR 36,000
INR 990 to INR 63,000


1. Which material is good for designing God idols?

Brass is considered the best of all the materials and is routinely used for creating God idols. 

2. Which type of Ganesha idol is good for home?

The type of Ganesha you choose for your house depends on your individual preference; however, white Ganesha idols or ones made from brass are recommended for bringing the best positive feeling into your home. 

3. Is brass Idol good for home?

Brass idols are generally preferred for the home as they bring a divine mood and are a great source of prosperity and joy. 

4. What is the cost of brass idols?

The cost of brass-made idols can vary depending on the size and detailed work used. 

5. What is the meaning of modern sculpture?

Modern art sculptures have a naturalistic representation of commonly human figures in abstract forms.

6. What is modern Indian sculpture?

Modern Indian sculptures usually represent a religious or cultural theme of India, like statues of different Indian gods and meditating Buddha statues, among others.  

7. What is Indian art sculpture?

Indian art sculpture is mainly human figures in abstract forms. Most works focus on religious themes and showcase the Gods in their imagined form. 

8. What are the four types of sculpture?

Universally speaking, in the sculpture field, there are four main types of sculpture forms: relief, additive, subtractive, and casting.

9. What type of Buddha statue is good for home? 

Laughing Buddha or meditating Buddha statues are common favorites for people to bring home. Check our collection of 'Buddha Statues' to find the best Buddha statue online. 

10. Can I put a Buddha statue in my room?

Buddha statues are commonly placed in various parts of a home; however, placing them in a prayer room or other such rooms is recommended rather than in your bedroom. 

11. Why should we keep seven horse pictures at home?

Seven horse pictures are placed at home as they are believed to improve financial dependability. You can buy a mural painting of '7 horses' at Satguru's at reasonable prices. 

12. Where should elephant statues be placed in houses?

They are typically advised to be placed at your home's entrance or foyer facing north to bring positive luck and energy.