Enjoy the Rich Cultural Heritage of India with Stunning Indian Art Statues

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In conclusion, Satguru's is your one-stop-shop for Indian art statues, where you can buy Indian sculpture online with ease. Our vast collection of art pieces reflects the rich cultural heritage of India, and we guarantee to provide you with only the best quality and unique pieces that will add value to your space.

Top Selling Products and Brands in the Category

Satguru's is a leading online marketplace for art and spiritual items, and the Indian art statues category is no exception. The top-selling products in this category are the monk statues, which are highly sought after for their calming and meditative appeal. The Ashoka Stambh statues, symbolizing the pillars of Emperor Ashoka's reign, are also quite popular among customers. Cow statues, revered as sacred animals in Hinduism, have been a staple in Indian households for years and continue to be in high demand. 

Tortoise statues, which represent longevity and prosperity, are also a favorite among customers. Finally, tree statues, which are believed to represent growth, wisdom, and stability, are becoming increasingly popular among art enthusiasts. Satguru's offers a wide range of these art statues, sourced from some of the best brands in the industry, providing customers with high-quality, authentic, and spiritually significant products.

Below is a table listing our top-selling Indian art statues with their respective prices in India.

Our Products Prices
Monk Statues INR 810- INR 9,990
Ashoka Stambh Statues INR 500- INR 9,000
Cow Statues INR 900- INR 36,000
Tortoise Statues INR 2,700- INR 23,000

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