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One of the most popular types of Indian painting is Ganesha painting. These beautiful elephant-god paintings in your house will attract prosperity and good vibes. They create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your space. A Ganesh Ji painting can be a thoughtful gift idea for inauguration events like housewarmings, as it symbolises a new beginning.

Our exceptional artists at Satguru’s ensure that their work connects with Ganesha devotees. They make sure that it is not just a painting but a source of interaction between a human and the divine. We believe in quality over quantity, hence our limited, premium-quality Ganesha paintings that can be a perfect fit for your house or your office cabin.

Bring positive energy and prosperity to your house with elephant god’s paintings

Welcome to Satguru's. The Ganesha paintings we sell can be an ideal addition to your home or office decor. It can also act as a perfect gift idea. One question that we regularly come across is "where is the best place to hang Ganesha paintings?"

Well, the most obvious place to hang a Ganesh Ji painting is the pooja room of the house, where you can offer prayers to the deity every day. It can also be placed in the living room, preferably over a sofa or other big furniture. This will add to the decor of your house and bring positive energy into the living room. Another good place to hang your painting is your office cabin, as Lord Ganesha is known to eliminate obstacles and make way for success and prosperity. This may seem odd, but the entrance of your house is also a good place to hang a Ganesha painting to stop any kind of obstacle or negative energy from entering the house.

Allow us to slide in a nice tip for you: There is no such thing as one perfect painting. It will completely depend on your preference, or, if you are married, the wife’s preference. Satguru's has a wide variety of paintings, from those painted in classical Indian forms to those painted in more contemporary and imaginative ways. Pick an artwork that makes you feel something and complements the style of your home.

Here are our best-selling Ganesha paintings that you must check out. We assure you that at least one of these paintings will surely have a positive impact on your life. We are your best option to buy Ganpati paintings online in India.

Our Ganesha collection is something we proudly brag about, and for good reason. We probably have the best collection of Ganesha. We also sellgod idols for home mandirs,Indian traditional paintings, and Indian art paintings that can attract spiritual energy in your space.