How to find the Perfect Ganesh Idol for Your Home Decor

How to find the Perfect Ganesh Idol for Your Home Decor

The Ganesha idol is one such statue that is widely worshipped in India, and almost every Indian house has an idol of Ganesh ji that they dearly worship every day.

The Ganesha idol is known to attract luck and positive energy into the house and protect the family from obstacles.

In this blog, we will talk about how you can find the perfect Ganesha idol for your home. We will go through some of the vastu rules and some factors you must consider before buying the idol.

Table of content

  1. Why you should have a Ganesha idol in your house
  2. Factors to consider when buying a Ganesha idol for your home

2.1. Colour of the Ganesha idol

2.2. Materials used to make the Ganesha idol

2.3. Size of the Ganesha idol

  1. Vastu Guidelines you must follow

3.1. Placement of Ganesha Idol

3.2. Direction guideline

  1. Conclusion
  2. FAQ

Why you should have a Ganesha idol in your home

Obstacle Remover: Lord Ganesha is also known as Vighnaharta, meaning the God who takes away all your problems and eliminates any obstacle that you are facing. It is strongly believed that having a Ganesh ji idol in your house will eliminate all the difficulties from your life or give you strength to fight off your difficulties.

Symbol of Wisdom: There are many instances throughout Hindu sculptures that showcase the intelligence and wisdom of our beloved Elephant God. Although having a Ganesha idol in your house won’t make you the cleverest human in the world, it will definitely evoke his blessings for gaining knowledge, comprehension, and wisdom.

Family Unity and Protection: Ganesha is seen as the guardian of families because of his emphasis on family unity. It is thought that having his idol around the house can foster harmony, unity, and safety within the family.

Now that you know why you must bring a Ganesha idol into your home, let’s learn more about the idol itself. You must consider factors like the colour of the idol, the material used to make the idol, and the vastu shastra guidelines. Let’s look at each of these factors in detail.

Factors to consider when buying a Ganesha idol for your home

Colour of the Ganesha idol

We see Ganesha idols in various colours, and most of us think the reason behind using different colours is to improve the aesthetic appeal.

Well, this is not the complete truth.

Each colour used to make the Ganesha idol holds different significance. We have listed down the different colours used to make Ganesha idols and what they signify:


Colour of the idol


1. Red

A red-coloured Ganesha idol symbolises the energy, passion, and power of Bappa.

2. White

The white Ganesha idol usually represents purity, peace, and tranquillity. It also represents Ganesha’s role as Vighnagarta.

3. Pink

A pink idol symbolises the love, affection, compassion, and care Ganesh Ji has for us.

4. Green

A green-coloured idol represents the harmony we must have and maintain with nature.

5. Orange

An orange Ganesha idol is frequently associated with spirituality and symbolises a quest for enlightenment and spiritual growth.


Materials used to make the Ganesha idol

The Ganesha idol is made using different materials, and each material holds a special meaning. Religious beliefs, artistic preferences, and cultural customs can all have an impact on the material selection. Here are some common materials used to create Ganesha idols and the meanings attached to them:

Silver: A Ganesha idol made of silver is known to attract fame and prosperity.

Wood: A wooden ganesha idol promotes good health.

Copper: The idol made from copper can act as a good luck charm for couples looking to start a family.

Crystal: Crystal Ganesha will help eliminate any form of Vastu dosha present in the house.

Brass: A Ganesha idol made from Brass will attract prosperity and joy to the house.

Size of the Ganesha idol

  1. Take note of the idol's height and proportions. The idol should ideally match the size of the area and the other ornamental things nearby in terms of scale. Selecting an idol that is excessively large or small in relation to the environment is to be avoided.
  2. Find out the meaning behind the Ganesha idol's purpose. You might like a large Ganesha idol for home, like "Marble hand painted arch Ganesha," that can serve as the focal point of your spiritual practice if it is for a puja or meditation room. A smaller or medium-sized idol like "Brass Ganesha on Lotus" might be appropriate for decorative purposes.
  3. The price of the idol might also be influenced by its size. Establish a price range for the idol and pick a size that satisfies your needs while staying within your range.

Vastu guidelines that you must follow

So now that you have bought a Ganesha idol for your home of the right size, colour, and material, your next step is to learn about a few Vastu guidelines. Vastu Shastra takes into account the movement of energy within your house with the goal of creating a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere. Here are a few Vastu guidelines you must follow:

Placement of the Ganesha idol

Where can you place your Ganesha idol?

Puja Room: A puja room is one of the most obvious places to put the Ganesha idol. It is the place where family members go for daily prayers before starting their day.

Entrance or Doorway: Some individuals like to keep a Ganesha idol close to their home's main gateway or entrance. It is thought to bring good luck into the house and stop any negativity and obstacles from entering your doorway.

Living room: If you spend a lot of time in the living room, you might want to install a Ganesha idol there. It can give the family room a spiritual and upbeat tone. A beautifully crafted Ganesha idol for home decoration can also improve the visual appeal of your living room.

Where you should not place the Ganesha idol

On the Floor: It is not recommended to place the Ganesha statue directly on the ground. It is preferable to set it on an elevated platform.

In the bedroom: Since the bedroom is regarded as a private area connected with rest and relaxation, it is normally not advised to place any religious idols, including Lord Ganesha.

In a Cluttered or Unkempt Area: To attract good energy and uphold a sense of reverence, it is imperative to keep the area surrounding the Ganesha idol clean and orderly.

Direction guideline

According to Vastu Shastra, every direction is linked with specific energies, and placing the Ganesha idol in a certain direction is thought to draw good vibes and blessings. These are all the directions in which you must and must not place your Ganesha idol.


Finding the ideal Ganesh idol for your home decor requires a lovely fusion of aesthetic considerations, cultural importance, and personal tastes. Lord Ganesha, one of Hinduism's most revered and adored deities, blesses every home with wealth, understanding, and good fortune. May the ideal Ganesh idol fill your home with heavenly grace and uplifting energies, serving as a constant source of blessings, protection, and inspiration for you and your loved ones.


1) What is the significance of the Ganesha idol in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, the Ganesha statue is highly revered as the god of wisdom, beginnings, and the removal of barriers. Most Indian rituals start by remembering Lord Ganesha. The elephant God is also worshipped during new beginnings, like starting a new business, as it is believed Lord Ganesha will eliminate any kind of obstacle.

2) Are there any specific rituals or prayers associated with Ganesha worship at home?

You can worship Ganesha in your home by engaging in a number of rituals and prayers. Offering flowers, incense, and sweets, reciting the Ganesha mantra, and reading or hearing tales about Lord Ganesha's exploits are a few common customs.

3) Can I keep multiple Ganesha idols at home?

You can keep more than one Ganesha statue at home, but it's necessary to put them in the right places. Place the idols in neat and tidy areas to reduce clutter and uphold a spirit of devotion. We would recommend you have no more than two Ganesha idols, as it may disturb the energy flowing through them.

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