Collection: Online Abstract Wall Art

Wall Art comprises of a frame, 3d wall sculptures, art prints, murals and other artistic embellishments that adds character to your walls and is an extension of your personality.

A simple frame or 3d wall art can transform a nude wall to a highlight wall which becomes a conversation piece in your home. Over the years, we have noticed that many clients add a painting to their main wall and add different wall art with character that tell a story about them, their journey or their connection to a certain piece of art.
Artists in India are also getting super creative with using different materials like brass, wood, iron and resin to create different art forms that add some uniqueness and quirkiness to the otherwise mundane white washed walls.

Satguru’s has the largest collection of wall art in Mumbai and this can be viewed on the website or at the 5 level flagship store on Linking Road, Khar / Bandra.